Top Most Asked Questions

How do you pronounce your last name?

Achenbach, Ock-en-bock.    The origin is German and means brook in a meadow.

Describe your creative process?

 In rough form, here is the creative process I follow when taking on almost any challenge (real estate, architecture, financial, marketing, life). 

Gather Information.  Dig around for a while exploring relevant influences, history, people, opportunities, challenges, goals.  

Brainstorm.  Start with big ideas; explore new concepts, connections, peripheral industries, inspirational ideas.  Blur the edges. 

Disgorge.  Build up emotional and intellectual energy to a rolling boil.  Get the ideas out in some material format (drawing, text, Excel spreadsheet).   

Edit.  With this rich palate at your fingertips, edit, cut, paste, and play.  Scrap the bad, and reinforce the good, until there is a solid framework with a clear, powerful direction.  Test it (price it!), fill in the gaps, and complete the picture in a way that others can understand is as you understand it.

Repeat.  Design is an iterative process, driven by a big idea and achieving elegance through clarity and efficiency.  

Whats the hardest thing about real estate development?

Understanding risk verses reward, and where your personal limits lie (as these may change over time and from project to project).   

Whats the best thing about real estate development?

Crafting a vision of what is going to be.  Sharing that vision with others, and experiencing its growth as it develops a life of its own.